Seller Funding:

The only solution for ecommerce merchant growth:

Money Man 4 Sellers provides multiple financial solutions for e-commerce merchant growth such as daily advances, working capital, multi-currency digital wallet, business prepaid cards etc. We at Money Man 4 Sellers can help get you up to $5 Million within 48 hours and the interesting part is applying for these finances will not affect your credit score. We can also provide advances up to 90% of previous day’s sales so that you can improve your daily cash flow.

Our products:

Working Capital

Daily advance

Multi-currency wallet

Business Prepaid card

Seller Signal

Working capital

According to US. Bureau of Labour Statistics study, 45% of Business fails to stand within 5 Years and only 25% of businesses make it to 15 years or more. So to establish a consistent growth in your business we are here to help. Working capital allows you to use the advance technology, equipment & marketing to grow quicker.

 Credit Limit Up To $5 Million with Flexible withdrawals

 Approval within 48 hours

 Flexible Terms up to 24 Months

 No Impact on credit score

 Interest only payment period extended from 90 to 120 days *

Usage of Working Capital

Competition is increasing every day for ecommerce business. So to get ahead, working capital will help you out with advertisement, marketing, development, technology, inventory and many more.

 New product lunch.

 Budget increment for advertisement.

 Increase in stock for seasonal sales.

 Business expansion to new countries and markets.

Getting working capital is easy as clicking on a button on your laptop.

* Do not affect credit score

Daily Advance

You do not have to wait for the settlement because you can receive advance up to 90% previous day sales. So now you are in complete control of your cashflow without affecting your credit score.

Our daily advance customers already have seen an average growth of 75% and this is really huge.

 Interest rates starting from 0.5%

 Up to 90% of previous day sales

 Approval within 48 hours

 Will not affect Your credit score

 Available in USD, CAD, GBP, EURO Currencies. Additional Canadian And UK Countries.

Getting Daily advance is easy as clicking on a button on your laptop.

* Do not affect credit score

Multi-currency wallet

With multicurrency wallet, You can receive multiple currency in a single account example: USD, CAD, EURO etc.

 No currency conversion fees or payment fees or any hidden fees

 Other country currency can be converted to your currency Similar to Bank account,

 We have Collection Account

 Also you can pay to your suppliers or vendors in their currency

 GST & VAT can be paid easily

Prepaid Business Card

A Business Prepaid card is similar to any other debit or credit card. But it required a Multi-currency wallet account. It is FREE. No Fees. You load and You spend anywhere VISA card is accepted. It can be the best way to pay your supplier or vendors etc.

Fast and easy payment

No Fees

Access to cash flow

Seller Signal

Seller signal is nothing but a perfect business sales analytics. Which will help you Figure out how your business doing and how to improve it. Plus you will have access to financial solutions and expertise to get more out of your business and exclusive offers from our industry leading partners. 100% Guaranteed.

 All the business analytic data in one place

 Easily understand your store performance

 Have access to financial solutions

 Have access to Knowledge and Expertise network.

 Know Your business Valuation

 Get an In-depth view of your profits

 Track your previous sales and future expected sales.

 Track your customer source From where the maximum leads are coming from.

 Customer feedback system

 Setup your store goals

 Sellie: The artificial intelligence that will help you improve your business

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